Friday, 15 March 2013

Admittedly rushed.





Okay, so here's the thing; this project was rushed, very rushed. I got lazy over the Christmas holidays, a little too comfortable in the fact it was Christmas and there was ALOT to eat, and seemed to forget all about my commitments with Uni, and left this project a little later than I probably should have.
Admittedly, its not the best work I've produced, and admittedly I could have made this a whole load nicer, and admittedly I wish I had have done this a whole load nicer, but things I have gained from this are a unknown love for pattern, which is now coming through into my current project, which I am very grateful for.
I let myself down with the type used as I know I can do 100x better, and I let myself down with the final production as I know I can do 10x better. (not 100x better, because final production is one area I really struggle with.)
But with the feedback Ive had, and the fact it made people laugh whilst reading it, is great news.
Things I have learnt from this project?

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