Thursday, 25 April 2013

'If your cat explodes, make good art.'

Neil Gaiman 2012 Commencement Speech "Make Good Art"  
A humbling, heart warming, hilarious and highly inspiring talk from Neil Gaiman, to the University of the arts graduating class of 2012 Philadelphia.
If this video isn't one that makes you want to do something that you love, and feel like you CAN do something that you love, then I fear youre a lost cause. Right now, I appreciate this video GREATLY, and I feel anyone else who watches it, shall too.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

'Even the negative things, have brought me to the positive things.'

Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon of Converge
As it is becoming clear, I spend the majority of my time, procrastinating and watching videos of creatives, that really humble me and make me realise not all artists are arseholes.
Here, Jacob Bannon, is a fine example of this. Here is a  mini-documentary, created by production team McFarland and Pecci, that is well worth a watch, whether you're a fan his musical work and artistic work, or not.
 So as I was recommended this to watch, I recommend you watch it too.  

Monday, 8 April 2013

Bad photos of boobs and bums pt. 2

The progress photos of some of the original paintings that I created for the 'Morpholo Tile' brief set by uni. I went into this brief thinking it was going to be an easy and enjoyable brief, but after many attempts of trying to fit in my original drawings (as seen below) I slowly wanted to pull my hair out!
After finally getting into the swing of things, I began to truly enjoy the brief, and can say I am MORE than happy with some of the outcomes!
Theres also a consideration of painting a few of these up for postcards, as a few friends have asked. So please don't be afraid to ask for a postcard of my 'bum and boobs'!

Bad photos of boobs and bums pt. 1

(Quick starter sketches of the female form for the production of morpholo tiles.
Featuring coffee spills from over excited pup.)


"What did the green grape say to the purple grape?".... "Breathe, idiot! BREATHE!"

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