Monday, 15 July 2013


It is about time I apologised for my lack of posting/lack of interest in anything I am in fact doing. But just lately, I have had that much on my plate in regards to my personal life, that my creative side has had to take a back seat. But finally, after weeks of emergency visits to vets and other places, glorious sunshine, and serious conversation, I am back in front of a computer, and hopefully getting back on track! 
Over the next few days, I will have hopefully finished the bums and boobs postcards I promised to people many, many weeks ago. (My sincerest apologies to you guys!) I will have hopefully emailed a tutor, declaring how lost I am with my dissertation, AND hopefully finished off my CV to send out for a potential placement year!
I will have also posted up something a little bit more exciting in regards to my work, and what I'm taking a little bit of a look into.
So again, sorry and thank you. Han XO

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Residing in a small bedroom, come make shift studio, in West Yorkshire, I am currently studying Communication Design at the University of Huddersfield. My time is best spent pretending I know what I'm doing, and laughing at terrible jokes.