Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Now, this post is only, what? 15 days too late..

I have been absolutely bogged down with everything since the beginning of December, right through up until right now! From uni projects, to working all the hours I can get, to completing the dreaded Christmas shopping, and attending more parties/night outs/meals that I can count, Ive managed to catch a few minutes of down time.

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas' and New Years, and are all enjoying what 2013 has to offer. An update of the work Ive been getting up to will hopefully shortly be uploaded, and maybe a few inspiration boards and instagram photos too! 

I'm also considering starting to do outfit/fashion posts too, as its all I currently think about! And its proving a great source of inspiration in my current projects!

Thank you for being patient, and keep your eyes peeled!

Take care! Hannah XO

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