Monday, 28 January 2013

'Thats the most stupid question Ive ever heard in my life.'

 Next: The Future of T-Shirt Graphics
Being the queen of procrastination, I ,again, have managed to find a video to both fill up time I don't have and a video that I believe quite a few people should be watching.
I don't happen to be very good with words/voicing my opinions, as I'm just too damn lazy, but I recommend this video to anyone interested in the t-shirt culture. Or maybe 'clothing companies' who daren't think outside the box. Plus its only 7 minutes long..
'Next: The Future of T-Shirt Graphics' allows us to hear from a range of artists and designers, about their views on the rapid growth of t-shirt graphics, and t-shirt culture as a whole.


  1. Pretty interesting, although "t-shirt culture" seems like a dumb statement. Cheers for posting dude!

  2. No worries! Glad someones still taking an interest to what I post!

    Hope youre well!



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